Clear Teeth Straighteners and Aligners

Teeth Straightening Aligners - Clear Teeth Straighteners

Technological medical advancements has made aligners a simple & easy solution for all our dental alignment problems . Eazyalign aligner is effectively designed as a clear aligner which acts as a perfect alternative to the traditional dental braces. The clear aligner is a sophisticated modern orthodontic technique of aligning crooked teeth with help of predictive software. Malaligned & crowding of teeth is a common dental problem faced by the majority. Yes! clear aligners stands out to be the best preferred clear teeth straightening technique over the traditional braces. Usually, aligners are used for treating dental problems like malocclusion, spacing in between the teeth, crowding of teeth, protruded teeth etc.,

Eazyalign offers the blend of a hi-tech & easy solution to all such dental problems, Clear aligners process starts with detailed teeth position analysis, using an intra- oral scanner & software, with which we can exactly predict the future alignment of the teeth. On finalizing, the clear aligners are 3D printed, that exactly fits on the teeth. We can observe the predicted result even before the start of the treatment. This advanced scientific method is widely accepted due to its high advantage. These teeth straightening aligners are almost invisible in comparison with traditional braces. Very effective in maintaining good oral health during the treatment as they are removable & thus easy to clean.

No need of waiting for appointments as no monthly dental check-ups are required. Eazyalign teeth straightening aligners are 3d printed and will be sent to your place. All you have to do is replace the old aligner with the consecutive one once in every 2 weeks by yourself wherever you are .There’s no restrictions on the food with aligners , unlike in traditional braces where no sticky , crispy & hard to chew foods are allowed during the period of treatment.

Clear teeth straighteners stand out to be the best opted exclusively customized treatment procedure compared to traditional braces as it overcomes practical discomforts like….food particles getting lodged in between the brackets & the teeth during each meal, which should be meticulously cleaned. Which otherwise may lead to caries ( tooth decay) & inflammation of the gums.

Eazyalign is run by a panel of dentists & orthodontists having rich experience in this field & providing proven results. Have a free consultation with our experts to clear all your queries related to your dental problems. Eazyalign clear straightener is unique in terms of quality and service we provide, our special advantageous feature is that we offer remote support service to our clients throughout the process of the treatment. Have a free consultation now and radiate positive vibes with your beautiful smile.